To be effective, a safe needs to be securely fixed to a solid structure such as a wall or the floor.

Most safes will require bolting onto a solid structure, such as a concrete slab or wall.  Queensland Safe Company can organise the bolting down of your free-standing, wall, fire, drug or cash management safe, using construction grade bolts and construction adhesive (optional).

As with delivery costs, installation costs depend on the size and weight of the safe as well as the location where it is to be installed.

Installing a small floor safe

Installation of a small safe on ground floor, including bolting down would cost approximately $110.

Installing an In-ground safe

We have over 20-years experience installing in-ground safes.  If you're installing the safe into an existing slab, we will cut a hole in your slab and secure your new safe using reinforced concrete. 

If your slab is not yet poured, contact us for the recommended minimum dimensions required to have your safe installed, so that your builder can leave the correct opening.

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