Queensland Safe Company can organise delivery of your safe any where in Queensland or around Australia. There is also the option of picking up your safe from our warehouse in Kedron.

What does it Cost?

The cost of delivering and installing a safe depends on the size and weight of the safe selected. Safes over 150kg should be delivered by our professional safe removers, however smaller safe can frequently be carried by courier or freight companies. If there is access to a fork lift at the delivery site and there is someone there from 9 to 5 weekdays a cheaper option is to use a freight company to deliver the safe.  Of course the positioning of the safe is then up to you. Don't forget before ordering your safe check it will fit through any doors and is not too heavy for the stairs or lift you may need to use.

Contact Queensland Safe Company (07) 3350 2077 for a price to deliver and bolt down your new safe.

Can I pick the safe up?

Delivery and installation are optional services we provide. Many smaller safes can also be picked up at our warehouse without too much trouble, although most safes will need at least two people to lift them in and out of your vehicle. It is preferable with smaller safes to bolt them to the floor and the better quality safes come with bolt down holes in the base. There is not much point putting all your valuables in a small safe just for the burglar to pick it up and carry it away. 

Safes over 100kg are extremely difficult to lift in and out of your vehicle and very hard to move once you get them back home, so if you are looking at a safe of this size, it's probably best to leave transportation and bolting down to the professionals.